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Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is one of the UK’s most famous online bingo sites, which is quite a feat when you consider the fact that it was launched as recently as June 2005. 

Originally offering just two game rooms, Foxy Bingo review here,now boasts no less than fourteen separate rooms hosting both 90 ball and 75 ball games. Going from zero to hero in just a few short years isn’t something that happens automatically, and Foxy Bingo has worked extremely hard to become a household name. As well as constantly improving the online bingo experience itself for players, it also went to town with a high profile marketing campaign to raise awareness of the site. Part of that campaign involved hiring model Katie Price (previously known as Jordan) to serve as the public face of Foxy, and that was a very successful move, though Katie has now been replaced by an actual fox character for publicity purposes.

Of course, publicity alone doesn’t ensure success, but Foxy Bingo review actually lives up to the high expectations that people have when they visit for the first time. As well as the superb quality of the games themselves (which we review in depth elsewhere) Foxy Bingo has fostered a thriving sense of community among its players. It even has it’s own radio show that members are actively encouraged to participate in.

The site is owned and operated by Cashcade Ltd, and uses software owned by Brigend Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited, which is legally licensed to provide remote gambling services by the Government of Gibraltar.

If anyone needed a summary of Foxy Bingo in just one sentence, it would have to be: “One of the best online bingo sites you’ve ever likely to visit.” If that sounds like something of an overstatement, you’ll have to forgo the one line summary and read the rest of our review in detail so that you can fully appreciate just how accurate it really is.

Foxy Bingo offers both 75 ball and 90 ball games. There are also many Instant Win games that you can choose to play.

75 Ball Bingo

When playing the 75 ball game your ticket takes the form of a 5 x 5 grid of numbers and you have to daub the numbered squares that make a particular pattern. This could be a letter of the alphabet, a number or a more creative symbol.

The centre square is given to players as a Free square, so it doesn’t have a number. As the other squares are marked on your card, those that contribute to the desired shape are shown in orange, whilst those that don’t are shown in grey. The first player to make the desired pattern wins the prize for that game, and if two or more players make the pattern with the same final number, the prize is shared equally between them.

75 ball bingo tickets start at 10p each and you can play up to 24 tickets in a single game.

90 Ball Bingo

British players will be very familiar with 90 ball bingo as it is the game most commonly played in clubs around the UK. Each ticket shows three lines of five numbers, and prizes are awarded to the first player to complete one line, two lines and all three lines, which is known as a full house. The prizes get progressively bigger, with the full house taking the lion’s share of the money in each game.

Like their 75 ball equivalents, 90 ball bingo tickets also cost from 10p each, and again you can play up to 24 tickets in any game.

Jackpot Games

From time to time, Foxy Bingo gives players the chance to win huge sums of money – think in terms of five or six figures – and these are well worth participating in if you get the opportunity to do so. Check the web site regularly for details of what is available and when.

Chat Games

Foxy Bingo chat moderators regularly host chat games. These are games that are played in the chat window of the main bingo environment alongside the main bingo game. Under most circumstances you need to be participating in the bingo game to take part in the associated chat game, but you can win a chat game regardless of whether or not you win the bingo. The prizes in chat games are usually bingo points, but since these can be converted to cash, they are still well worth winning.

A schedule of chat games is provided on the Foxy Bingo web site so that you can find out exactly what games will be played for both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, and when.

Instant Win Games

As well as the bingo games, Foxy Bingo offers no less than twenty instant win games that you can play. These include six slot machines, seven bingo, keno and lotto games, and three excellent casino table games: roulette, blackjack and video poker.

All instant wins games open in a separate browser window so that you can play them at the same time as the main bingo. Each game is very impressive from a visual point of view, and good audio effects help to make the experience as immersive and realistic as possible. Even better, all of the games give you the chance to win some serious amounts of money. Hit a jackpot and you may well be able to pay for your bingo tickets for the rest of the year out of your winnings, and quite possibly even longer!

Scratch with Foxy

On 19th June 2009 Foxy Bingo are holding a series of events up and down the country for all their players featuring the DreamBoys and a whole host of entertainment! An addition to this great promotion from the online bingo site they are offering everyone who attends the chance to scratch with Foxy and the DreamBoys and the chance to win a free drink from the bar! The free scratchcards being distributed to all attendees will be given out to people as they enter the venue.

Grand prizes at Foxy Bingo

Always coming up with new and innovative promotions Foxy Bingo have a great promotion on offer on Friday 15th May and are giving away a whole host of grand prizes at Foxy Bingo! On offer from this impressive online bingo site are Take That tickets, holiday vouchers, cash, TV’s, games consoles and an iPod Touch so here at Foxy Bingo review we suggest you make your way over to their site and get yourself in on the action and the chance to win some grand prizes at Foxy Bingo!

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DreamBoys and Foxy Bingo

Whilst the mascot for Foxy Bingo may well believe that he is one of the DreamBoys, and this was apparent in their recent Comic Relief Dance video, he doesn’t quite cut the mustard. However the latest promotion from this internet bingo site sees the DreamBoys and Foxy Bingo join forces in what has to be one of the greatest events in internet bingo history! 19th June 2009 sees Oceana and Liquid nightclubs host a special Ladies Day with Foxy Bingo event that is bound to be of interest to ladies up and down the country.

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Foxy Bingo 5p frenzy

It was only on Tuesday of this week that one online bingo site presented all it’s players with free bingo all day with a prize fund of over £2,500 but this giant amongst bingo sites has pulled out all the stops again with the Foxy Bingo 5p frenzy! With such great promotions on offer at Foxy Bingo it’s easy to see why this bingo site is so popular amongst bingo players and the latest promotion from them will only strengthen this belief.

Foxy free bingo

Here at Foxy Bingo review we are constantly amazed with the great promotions that Foxy Bingo offer their online bingo players and tomorrow boasts yet another great promotion from the internet bingo site fronted by the suave fox. Foxy free bingo starts at 10am on 21st April and throughout the day bingo players will be able to play one free game of bingo every 30 minutes at Foxy Bingo.

Foxy Bingo ad number one

The online Marketing Magazine each week list the most popular adverts and media campaigns in the UK and it’s official, for week the Foxy Bingo advert ranked number one. The new Foxy Bingo advert launched under a blaze of media hype with the prelude being the He’s Back 2009 campaign and has seen much interest both online and offline with many people trying to figure out who “he” actually was following the week long run up to the full advert launch.

Club Foxy

Foxy Bingo continues to go from strength to strength and over the last few weeks we have seen many great promotions and offers, a lot of which are time limited. However the latest news from this great online bingo site is the launch of Club Foxy, a membership scheme that rewards loyal players by offering a wide variety of bonuses dependant on the rank you have attained.

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Fragrant with Foxy Bingo

Super Prize night is a great promotion offered by one of the best known online bingo sites and players are by now very familiar with this promotion. It’s that time of the week again tomorrow and this week the site is offering you the chance to get fragrant with Foxy Bingo in the Monday super prize night. There are a few changes to the usual schedule of prize games tonight, the best of which is the ticket prices!

Free bingo at Foxy

This week sees yet another great promotion from one of the best online bingo sites available; it’s another week of free bingo at Foxy and it starts today and ends on 22nd February. Every single day sees free bingo at Foxy from 10am in the morning right through until 10pm every night with a free game every hour, on the hour.

Strictly Come Dancing

Are you a fan of the hit TV Show Strictly Come Dancing and do you love playing online bingo at Foxy Bingo? If the answer to both is yes then the latest news from Foxy Bingo could be of interest to you! Foxy, the adorable mascot of Foxy Bingo has paired up with Kristina Rihanoff from Strictly Come Dancing to bring you their version of the “Fox Trot” in a dance video for comic Relief. You will be able to perform the Strictly Come Dancing with Foxy routine in the comfort of your own home whilst having a giggle to yourself!

Mystic Foxy

if you want to play a joke on your friends, then why not pop along to “Mystic Foxy” and set them up for a laugh. You can check in and pre-answer questions that foxy will ask you about your friend. Those details ar then stored.

You then send an email to your friend telling them about a ‘psychic reading’ at Foxy Bingo’s place. When they get their reading, aided by your answers, they’ll either have a good laugh or get really spooked.

Foxy Bingo sure does know a thing or two about how to keep their online bingo players coming back for more. They have introduced a new promotion that will be run every single Friday throughout July called ‘Foxy Free Fridays’. Now, this will not be a run of the mill free bingo game – this is Foxy Bingo we are talking about.  No Sir, they will be giving away amazing out of the world prizes each week and all for free!

Do You Love Freebies?

Make sure you pay a visit to Foxy Bingo on Friday the 9th of July at 10.00pm to take part in the very first Foxy Free Friday online bingo game.  There is, wait for it…..£10,000 up for grabs, all for free!  There is no catch, the only stipulation is that you are a depositing player at Foxy Bingo and you need to have made a minimum deposit of £5 since you became a member.  We are sure the majority of online bingo players at Foxy Bingo have already done this – if not, you still have a couple of days to join and make your first deposit.

Sign up to Foxy Bingo here!

You Can Even Pre-Buy!

If you are busy on Friday the 9th of July then do not despair as you can pre-buy or simply pick up your tickets (as they are free) a week beforehand in the Foxy Bingo, ‘Foxy Free Friday’ tab.  Each online bingo player is entitled to three free bingo tickets so it will all be even Stevens when the bingo game starts.

A Little Sneak Peak….

Don’t forget this!  Take part in Foxy Free Fridays each and every Friday throughout July. Why? Because Foxy Bingo has hinted that they will be giving away a luxury holiday in Dubai, a Caravan worth around £20,000 and a car. How do they do it, For free!  All together now “Foxy is the one that we want!”

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