Cheeky Bingo was launched in 2009 and then it was redesigned two years later to become the lively site we see today, over the past few years Cheeky Bingo has built a reputation of being one of the most fun and cheeky bingo and gambling sites in The United Kingdom, it is also known for being generous with its prizes and promotions.

Cheeky Bingo is run by Cassava Enterprises who are owned by 888 Holdings who also have popular brands such as and Casino-On-Net, Cheeky Bingo is one of the few sites that can offer free online bingo for cash prizes and was actually one of the first sites to do so. Cheeky Bingo have even had several high budget television adverts, these adverts are fun, upbeat and have great comic timing, they usually show an unusual and comical situation which is then followed by the slogan “And then there’s cheeky free”, this showing us that Cheeky Bingo offers both free games and a fun, cheeky experience.

If you join Cheeky Bingo you can enjoy over 750 free games a day with free jackpots of up to £50 and you will get 200% extra credit on the first deposit you make, so for example if you deposit if you deposit £10 you will receive a free £20 extra credit, you can do this up to £100 which means you will have a massive £300 in credit should your first deposit be £100.


Cheeky Bingo offers both 75 ball which is the American style of bingo and 90 ball games of Bingo, the latter being the British version of the game. There are a plethora of bingo rooms on the Cheeky Bingo site with various different tickets prizes and jackpot amounts, there are also progressive jackpots which see’s the jackpot rise until somebody finally wins the prize.

The bingo is very user friendly and it is quite easy to purchase your tickets, you just click on the ones you would like with a minimum of one and a maximum of 96, following this you then click on the button on the yellow button on the left that says BUY SELECTED TICKETS and then you just simply wait for the game to start, you can chat to other users whilst you wait or you can even play an instant mini game, the tab for this is above the chat feature and there are several titles to choose from such as Money Bunny slots, the Mini Noughts & Crosses scratch card, and Blackjack as well as European Roulette. The best thing about these mini games is that it does not mean you have to leave the bingo room as both can be played concurrently. The chat room feature at the right hand side of the screen can be used whilst playing the bingo, you don’t have to use the chat feature but it is an enjoyable part of the game and adds to the social experience

The software allows your customize your games of bingo, options include either dabbing your own bingo card or letting the computer to automatically mark your bingo cards. You can also change the colour and pattern of your dauber.  You can also choose whether you want any audio or not.

There are many rooms in the free bingo section, including Fancy Free, Forever Free, Free n Easy, Free Style, Freedom, and Free’s a Crowd, these games are quite frequent but the big money wins are every two to three hours and these rooms include Free Range and Big Freebie

Cheeky Bingo also has games with five pence tickets, these rooms include Bar-Faced-Cheek, Cheeky Monkey, Nice n Saucy and Cheeky Minx. The jackpot gets progressively higher throughout the day and it is possible to have jackpot of nearly £50 from just a five pence ticket which if you win from one ticket effectively means you have multiplied your little five pence by a thousand.

Ten pence bingo rooms include Naughty But Nice, Giggle n Jiggle, Oh So Cheeky, Quick Kicks, the progressive jackpot at the time of writing standing at just a little more than £15, however at 9pm every evening it is possible to win £250 from just a ten pence ticket.

The big money game on Cheeky Bingo is the £2,500 Pre-Buy Jackpot which is every Friday at 8pm, the cards for this are just 25 pence.

There is also some consolation for those who have a near miss when playing bingo, if you play 1TG and 2TG games and finish the game with one or two balls to go then the pot will be shared between you and the other players who are in the same situation. This show that Cheeky Bingo is a generous site and rewards those who haven’t been lucky enough to win the jackpot.


Despite it’s title there is more to Cheeky Bingo than just bingo, there are an array of fun games to augment the online gambling experience , there are slots, table games and video poker as well as scratch cards. Many of the games have a practice play mode meaning you can play for your own enjoyment or for learning how to play the game before you commit to using your funds. There are a wealth of fun slot games for those who like a quick instant win, , one of these is games is Shopping Spree.

Shopping Spree has a progressive jackpot and you can win some big cash prizes. There are five progressive reel and nine different pay lines. If you bet on all the lines you can win big money. There are also special features in this game, if you get more than three pound signs you get instant credit bonus.

There is also a slot game based on popular 1980′s puppet Roland Rat., this game has five reels and has twenty five paylines. There are also two bonus games.  One of the bonus rounds is the Travel Feature in which we see a map of Britain appears, you get a number of picks from each symbol symbol that appears and you can win a large jackpot on this. When you get a winning combination in the Roland Rat game you can also choose to gamble this amount to win even bigger prizes. This game is one of the most fun and rewarding games I have played and I like it’s retro feel in particular.

In addition to your cash jackpot you can also win bingo cards by putting a £25.00 wager on slot games such as Happy Mushroom, these tickets are usually for massive jackpot games with a bingo jackpot of £6,500.

Table games also feature Cheeky Bingo and the titles include European roulette, French roulette and Blackjack. In French Roulette the wheel is numbered from 0 to 36 and the aim of the game is simple, you have to predict where the ball will stop on the wheel, you can bet on a variety of outcomes including inside bet, outside bets and ball bets. This version uses La Partage rules which means that you only lose half of your money if you have placed an even money bet. The realistic graphics create a tense game and it is a fantastic alternative to normal roulette.

There are four scratch card games on Cheeky Bingo these are Hollywood Stars, Frolicking FrogsNoughts and Crosses and X Factor Scratch Card


As well as the first time deposit bonus of 200% , everytime existing Cheeky Bingo members make a deposit a 50% bonus will be added your account, this gives you more to play with and makes the fun last so much longer

There are plenty of weekly specials and pre-buy jackpots. Cheeky Bingo also looks after it’s loyal customers and you can earn Cheeky Points. There are many ways to earn Cheeky Points and you can trade these to pay for bingo tickets.

At the time of writing a there is a section called Cheeky Fest, it has a carnival feel and includes Bingo Festival, Sin Till Late which there are £5 jackpots every 10minutes with cards costing just a penny, but the big game in Cheeky Fest is Summer Penny Whopper which has a £2,500 jackpot with the cards again costing just a penny each. There is also a chance to win free bingo cards on the slot game Secret Garden Two. It seems as if Cheeky Bingo like to match the seasons in the themes it uses and it likely to something similar during the likes of Halloween and Christmas/Winter.

Cheeky Bingo is bursting with weekly specials including Cheeky Dip in which on a Thursday you can further prizes by winning at the bingo and then pick a number between 1-75 in which you added prize will be revealed, there is also Cocktail Hour on Wednesday evening and you can get enter a draw to win a to win a hamper.

Cheeky Bingo also rewards you if you invite your friends to the site, you can get 5,000 cheeky points for each friend you invite.

People always love receiving the VIP treatment and Cheeky Bingo offers this it’s members with the All Stars VIP Club, it is an exclusive club and is entry is by invite only, there are only 250 members, there are many different benefits and perks for All Stars members including exclusive promotions and tournaments, extra cashback benefits, free bingo ticket, bigger bonuses and you even get your own VIP manager who will look after your needs , you will even have their phone number and email address. There also many more benefits to the All Stars VIP club

Cheeky also send email updates with some of the latest promotions,

Chat and Community

There is a real social side to Cheeky Bingo and there are chat rooms in which you can partake in some cheeky banter with other players. There are also chat hosts who can monitor everything and even offer advice to new players, the hosts also hold competitions and chat room games. What I mean by chat room game is, when you enter one of the bingo rooms ones of the hosts may say for example “Mum’s eat free, Mum’s eat free, when a roomie wins bingo and the host has stated roomie winner, the third player to shout “hungry mummy wins 1000 cheeky points” By doing things like this Cheeky Bingo is adding an extra element to it’s bingo games by creating extra winning opportunities in a jovial and social setting. There are also 30,000 Cheeky Bingo points to be won if you are nominated by your fellow users as Roomie of the Month.

There is a also a list of winners as well a list of events that Cheeky Bingo has appeared at. Cheeky Bingo also utilizes popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter and it is possible to win exclusive prizes through Cheeky Bingo pages on both of these as well as promotional codes and bonus points.


Cheeky Bingo has a funky design and is colourful with lot’s of dark yellows, pink and purple. Is it a simple site to navigate through and it is easy to access other sections of the site, this is helped by the tabs having large chunky font. This is a sleek, modern website and there are no delays when switching pages. There also quick loading times when playing on the other games such as roulette and slots.

It is an easy to navigate website with a few tabs at the top, this includes the home page, play now, promotions, cheeky fest, games, community, help and VIP, your balance is also displayed about these tabs

The home page also lists clearly what jackpots players have recently won, it also includes a list of what Bingo games are starting soon.

The sound design is also very good, the bingo announcer is very clear and easy to understand, the fact he sounds excited when he is announcing the numbers of the bingo balls adds personality to the game.


Cheeky Bingo has the highest quality customer service standards and there are various ways you can  get support including emailing or phoning 0800 279 4568, the lines are open from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday and when speaking to them I found them to be polite, knowledgeable and more than happy to help. There is also a contact form you can fill in if you prefer this method.

In the help section there is also a detailed guide to bingo calls and lingo and there is also a bingo glossary.

Everything is well illustrated in the help section , The contact details button showing an image of a phone, the bingo calls button having a loudspeaker image, the lingo button showing an image of the first three letters of the alphabet inside a red square and the glossary showing paper and a quill.

Payment Options & My Account Section

If you click on the pink tab at the top of the screen that says My Account you can make deposits, withdrawals and even redeem bingo points. You can also view your entire transaction history as well as both your bingo points history and game history

There is Brigend cashier software so you know your transactions are safe and simple to organise, they also use 128-bit encryption for your safety and peace of mind.

You can also set your own deposit limits, these can be raised or lowered three times a month.


There is a superb Cheeky Bingo app that is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPad/iPhone. It was very quick to download and didn’t take up too much memory, it is a great way of having all the fun of Cheeky Bingo at your fingertips.

All the bingo and other games are available through the app and it is also possible to check, deposit and withdraw funds through the Cheeky Bingo app.

With the app there is no need to create a new account as your existing username and password will work, if you are not a member you can still join via the app and receive the same benefits and bonuses as the Cheeky Bingo website.


In conclusion Cheeky Bingo is everything and more you would expect from a bingo and gambling site, whether you are new to online bingo or are a seasoned expert Cheeky Bingo meets your wants and needs successfully, the gameplay is fantastic and the customer service is top notch. It is user friendly, simple to use and there is more to it than just bingo, with all so many other games with many winning opportunities, the excitement never stops, I visit for the frequent promotions, there are always rewards for both new and existing members.  Cheeky Bingo lives up to its name and I strongly recommend the site for some of the cheekiest fun to be had on the internet.