So you’ve played Bingo at a local church or community building and think you’ve got a pretty good grip on the game? Good enough to storm into the online Bingo world and play just like you did in the aforementioned land-based games. Well, if this is your line of thinking, then that’s great but there are definitely some things that you should know before entering the world of online Bingo. This is because online Bingo definitely has its differences from live Bingo and realizing these changes can go a long way to making your transition to Internet Bingo much easier.

The concept of Free Bingo

One huge drawback to playing Bingo in a live setting is that they don’t provide any sort of free Bingo to play.  Unless you’re in elementary school, places that hold live Bingo events don’t do it to simply entertain you. They’re looking to make some money! That’s where online Bingo has a distinct advantage because it allows players (in particularly beginners) to get a feel for Bingo by playing it for free. Heck, those who just like to play for fun can play all the free Bingo they want. But when a person ultimately wants to move up to the online money games, they can try out Internet Bingo through the free method first.

Deposit Bonuses and other Perks

This is another thing that online Bingo does that live Bingo won’t. They offer deposit bonuses to new players who join their room and, most of the time, these will be somewhere in the range of 100% up to around $400. However, this is just an average and the bonuses can vary greatly depending on which room you’re looking at. Another thing to keep in mind is that different sites will also give players other incentives such as frequent player points, which can be used to get cool stuff, or even monthly cash bonuses that can really help a player make some money. It’s always best to research different potential sites to see which room you want to play Bingo at.


Along with the deposit bonuses and other things that online Bingo dishes out, there is also the matter of jackpots. If players perform certain feats at an online Bingo room, they could be thousands of dollars richer, as some of the bigger places give out jackpot that are worth $30,000 or more. This is something that might blow some live Bingo players’ minds as the biggest jackpot prize a land-based Bingo hall may give out is a coupon for 50% off of a large pizza. But remember, just like looking at the deposit bonuses, one will want to do their research ahead of time and try to find a place that offers good jackpots.

Forums and Chat Rooms

One concept that some people really seem to prefer with live Bingo over online Bingo is the whole camaraderie thing. Bingo not only gives them a fun activity to do on certain nights of the week but they can also meet cool people along the way. They seem to have the stereotypical view that you can’t meet new and interesting people in online Bingo. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth since many sites feature forums and/or chat rooms for fellow Bingo players to meet up with each other and talk. And the things that they can converse about don’t have to only be about Bingo as the topics are up to the imagination of the people talking. You can meet players from the next city over or from across the globe. It’s really great!

Ease of Use

Something that can be intimidating for those who aren’t exactly tech or computer savvy is that the process of online Bingo could possibly be too complicated. But the thing is that most online Bingo sites have realized this concern far ahead of time and have done everything possible to make their rooms very easy to use. This means that they either have clear instructions on how people can use their software or everything is so self-explanatory that a bunch of instructions aren’t even needed in the first place.

Always a Winner

Quite possibly the coolest feature of online Bingo is that someone will always win in a given game. This differs greatly from the world of live Bingo where some games will end without there even being a winner which is extremely lame. So you can count on money being given out for every game you enter which is also comforting since you’re not wasting bets on games with no results.